NZCGI is a creative, computer graphics online community, with a New Zealand foundation.
It was started in 2008 to give CG artists a place to share their work, help others, and be inspired to create amazing work.
Since its inception, artists from many different areas and backgrounds have helped to create a really great community!
Please join us and be a part of this amazing and fun gathering of artists!
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The Team

Roger Feron - Administrator Username - Worzel
Animator, Teacher, Sci-fi and Kung Fu movie enthusiast. Roger founded NZCGI in 2008, hoping to attract like minded artists to post really cool CG stuff... and it worked!
Roger started his 3D career in 1999, eventually working in Auckland making cool TV commercials. In 2006, Roger started teaching animation, while continuing to do freelance 3D work.
In his spare time, he creates his own little animated movies, just for kicks! Like this one... Roger's animation
See more of Roger's work here: Roger's website

Leon Woud - Moderator Username - Laz
As a techical 3D whizz-kid, Leon likes making software do things it never thought it could do!
After sharing his skills as a teacher of various CG areas, he is now helping to bring goblins and orcs to life at Weta Digital.
Check out Leon's reel here: Leon's Technical Artist Reel

Jason Gordon - Moderator Username - evoboy
With a general desire for knowledge and creativity, Jason was bound to find the wonderfully rich world of 3D.
Jason started this exploration in 2006 with a course at Media Design School, continued as a starving artist, even moving on to photography.
Now he resides in Wellington with the other cave-dwellers at Weta Digital, honing his modelling skills.
See more of Jason's work here: Jason's Gallery




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