Advertising on NZCGI

NZCGI provides a targeted audience for CG related industries within New Zealand.
Our members consist of businesses, film makers, schools, students, school leavers, freelancers, artists and hobbyists.
We average 7500 page views per month (known bots and spiders excluded).

  • Banner sizes
    • Panel A: side banner: 150w x 450h (not visible on topic pages - average 5000 page views per month)
    • Panel B: top scroll banner: 260w x 106h (visible on every page)
    • Panel C: large, full page width, dynamically resizing header banner: 1920w x 520h (visible on every page)

  • Rates ($NZ)
    • Panel A: $30/month
    • Panel B: $35/month
    • Panel C: $10/day (only 1 ad allowed in this space at any given time)

  • Formats available
    • Panel A: image only
    • Panel B: image only
    • Panel C: image only

  • Banner rotation info
    • Panel A: Static, single image (does not swap with other images)
    • Panel B: fixed sequence scrolling image slider (random start position with each page load)
    • Panel C: fixed sequence slide show. NOT clickable, cannot link to any url (random start image with each page load)
      NOTE: with Panel C, you also get one free ad in Panel B, which can contain a URL link.





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