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 Post subject: 3DCGI - JOBS
PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:01 pm 
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Hi All,

Despite an online presence to the contrary (listing a physical location) , 3DCGI Ltd / is no longer seeking physical employees. I have recently spent 14 months in China on a feature. The one thing that this has taught me is that the future is distributed / online / geo-athiest. This website is as good an option as a sit-down interview at Weta. (possibly better, since I designed the online questionaire part of the job application process - for which I apologise)
I am always interested in receiving CVs, showreel links etc in the hope that I can provide a 'leg-up" advantage to those who send them in.
If you have previously sent an email to me, rest assured that nothing is forgotten and all details are saved. If I have been remiss in replying to you specifically, please put it down to phyically-based distraction rather than omission.
NZCGI has always been my go-to for inspiration and connection with NZ artists, and the JOBS section is where I will always post first if I need freelancers to help achieve any project that may come my way.
NZ has a good reputation in China, Korea and India. If you are young and brave then send your CV off to any one of the many companies currently looking for 'foreign' talent. PIXOMONDO ( , BASE ( = GOOD! (I have worked with these guys,and they are Cool) . PRIME FOCUS / india = Bad (I have worked wth these guys and they are Evil Incarnate) . If you CC me on the email, I will check out your reel and then endorse you if requested (unless you're shite - this is NZ after all! :D) Get overseas! If you havent been hired by Weta yet, then at 1500 staff currently and a fiscal responsiblility to make a profit, you can bet they are only going to hire from overseas if they have a chance. You all have less than 5 years before the Western>Eastern knowledge transfer is complete and you will be replaced by code. Consider a jaunt to Asia - it's a culture shock adventure you will never regret.

John Sheils
VFX supervisor

 Post subject: Re: 3DCGI - JOBS
PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:43 pm 
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I'm glad NZCGI has served you well, and hopefully it continues to do so! Posting is a bit quiet here, but people seem to browse a bit.

Good information in your post. I'd imagine working in China would be a great experience, even just living there would be great. It's interesting seeing what comes out of those Western-Eastern co-productions, and what the styles are like. I cringed a bit at the Crouching Tiger sequel... would have preferred it if they all spoke Chinese and I had to read subtitles, just like the original! But that aside, there are definitely opportunities for Kiwis to get some work in China. As you said, NZ and China have a good relationship, lets hope it helps out our artists!

Roger Feron
Feron Animation
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 Post subject: Re: 3DCGI - JOBS
PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:28 am 

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Thank for sharing your experience and thoughts about the industry now. Definitely inspired me to look into possible opportunities in China. Good luck in your endeavour !

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