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 Post subject: Re: MDS anyone?
PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:32 pm 
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Thanks so much Worzel! That definitely helped a lot! :thankyou:
TD I think appeals to me the most! The whole degree looks super interesting!

 Post subject: 2MDS or not 2MDS
PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:00 pm 
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Hey I thought I would add my 2c into this mix. Great idea's and thoughts being put out there. I'll say also I did study at MDS great school, awesome tutors ;-)

Depends on what you want to get out of it I guess. So lets start with my (5 cent thoughts) on pro's and con's about studying at MDS.

You'll come out with a sweet Degree and a show reel to please employers (like someone said already 'depending how much effort you put in') they don't lie when they say if you can put in more hours then your class mates you'll get something out of it. Its not cut out for just anybody and again like someone has already said (if you want this as a career you'll just do it) thankfully enough the standards are high and realistic. My point on view doing a 3D Qualification whilst being a 2D Concept artist again very true (you won't get much time on concept art via the VFX Degree but more likely via the Game Art Degree) but you will come out with a more well rounded skill set and if employment is the key then you will most likely become more employable having a 3D Art 'type' qualification and having a strong 2D Art portfolio.

Other options:

There are other schools I can only really speak for 2 or 3 others as I have either taught or studied in one or more of them. The old raffles won't be much of an option at this point for 2D and the 3D courses don't compete with the others in Auckland. Animation College aka Freelance are primarily an Animation school but if you take up the 2D Course there is a hell of a lot of drawing. By a lot I mean 2 - 3 years of drawing, character design, concept art, life drawing and repeat this several times again its dependent on the student not so much the tutors as most illustrators and concept artists might say.

There is also Lifeway College which is primarily 3D.

There is also Yoobee School of Design aka Natcoll. Which has gone through a vast change in the last 2-3 years alongside a new branding. Yoobee offers also offers a 2 year course similar to Media Design Schools old 2 year program (Level 6 & 7) A quick breakdown:

Level 6

2D Animation
Character Design
Character Concepting (zbrush)
3D Modelling (Character + Hard body)
Character Animation
VFX (Nuke)
Lighting, Texturing & Rendering

Level 7

Digital Sculpting (Zbrush)
Texture Painting (Mari)
Lighting & Rendering (Renderman)
Compositing & VFX (Nuke)
Still Life
Research Project
- Animation (Creature & Motion Capture)
- Modelling
- Technical Art (Python coding)
Mini Project (small groups)
Team Project (class)
Professional Development
- Industry workshops
- Studio visits
- Studio lectures
- Industry Guest lectures

Hope this was okay to post here :mrgreen:

With the professional development we have industry tutors come in regularly and tailor these guests to the students interests. For example the current class is primarily animation and modelling. So we had a Zbrush artist from Gameloft come teach Zbrush for a professional development sessions. We also had an animator from Oktobor now at Gameloft come and give a lecture on Animation. We were graced with the presents of a Creature Animator from Weta Digital for an entire day where he first gave a lecture and then went around giving students feedback (Level 7). Throughout this year you also have unlimited opportunity to create concept art for a variety of productions throughout the year.

I'm a big believer in you only get out what you put in. So almost any school can bring that opportunity to you. Hopefully this didn't come off as a 'sales man' post.

So those were my positives:

I'll take from what other said and sum it up. I agree although when I was studying I did a lot of drawing but thats only because at the point in my 2nd year I had already been working as a CG artist so what I was covering wasn't mind numbing. But I got to draw so much more. But I hurd the 3rd year there is next to no time. So from that perspective it could be you don't get to draw as much but refer to the positives to out weigh that.

Lifeway college has a 24hr lab access up north and you would live on site. So you wouldn't necessarily get much opportunity to do much drawing during the course its self but you could definitely make time for it as class hours aren't that high and students there seem to build a bond with their mates and work through the night.

Yoobee doesn't exactly specialize in concept art either so a very similar situation to MDS aside from doing concept art for productions throughout the year.

Just for example the picture attached is for a Game Cinematic we are working on. With some more recent work of theres found here


Not an easy decision but at least your doing your research.

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 Post subject: Re: MDS anyone?
PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:44 pm 
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Hey Kenworx!
Thank you so much for your in-depth explanations!
Hmm! So much to mull over. I'm sold on getting a bachelors regardless of where I end up...
My good friend ended up at Natcoll! And I actually went there for an intro-maya week course a few years ago now. Pretty neat place!
I know this thread puts a focus o on the division between concept art and animation for me, but to be honest I'm not sure what one I'd be better at/enjoy more! I really think I need tdo another week long intro course in animation... or just keep messing around in Blender, but I'm finding it difficult on my own!
I love this!
And these really inspire me to take up the 3d route:

Does 'matte painting environmentalist' fall under 3D or 2D and would I learn this in a Bachelors of VFX and Animation?
Just curious. :) I love all those big-scenery/city-scape panning type-shots.

 Post subject: Re: MDS anyone?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:02 pm 
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Caldera wrote:
Does 'matte painting environmentalist' fall under 3D or 2D and would I learn this in a Bachelors of VFX and Animation?
Just curious. :) I love all those big-scenery/city-scape panning type-shots.

Matte paintings themselves are 2D, but you'd use them in layers or in a 3D environment.

From one of the VE lecturers at MDS (Bachelor of Art and Design degree):

"End of year 1, we get students to create a matte painting on cards in photoshop for import into After Effects as 3d layers.
In the VE stream, we look at Environments with multi-planing, pan & tile and projection mapping when they get to the 3d module in nuke."

So you'd definitely learn how to use matte paintings, more so in the VE stream. I think you learn the process in the TD stream too (I know they also do compositing), but remember there won't be much "how to do matte painting", just how to use it in Nuke and After Effects.

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 Post subject: Re: MDS anyone?
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:19 am 
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Oh wow! That in itself sounds interesting, I tried to play around a bit with it once... panning the matte painting in layers and incorporating moving items into it.
Thanks for your answer!

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