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 Post subject: Re: To do 3d or not to do 3d
PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:52 am 
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i know how it feels about stuggling to get a job as i did a design course in back in 2000 and then spent 3 and i bit year working in a kitchen cooking while look for work. I ended up cuting my loses and move back to my folks for a bit saved some money and did 3d MDS in 2004. 2-3 months pased by while i look for work and ended up moving back to my folks to live. While i was there i pretty much locked myself in a room and tweaked my showreel and finally landed a job through a job finding outfit.

i know most of my class finally got jobs in the end but a few of them had to do other courses to up skill just to get a job and it didnt just happen straight after finishing the course in 3d.

NZ really kinda small industry and you pick that up when to go to 3d type events as a big chunck of the crowd is old classmates or ex students or your friends.

All i can say is there are jobs out there for 3d just it might not be in a game studio, movie company or boardcast place. Visualisation of 2d plans can earn big cash fast its a bit boring as its mostly plan boring designs but also in visualising of prototypes or products/vechiles/boats are options as well, approching lighting designers and or lighting engineers to create ther lighting design visually to be used to show client how it will look.
Also print houses/ design studios that pride themself in 2d art, may take on a 3d person to bring more dimention to there projects.
here are just some of the things i did freelance while i was studing at MDS to help with getting that thing called food.
Non of it was full time work but i did get clients coming back for more work to be done.

good luck with what ever path you choose

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